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bzztberrytour 02-11-2011 09:33 AM

music player

I would want to sync my itunes with my BB tour 9630 but when I listened to the sample music using my ear phones (philips) the sound quality is poor and now I don't think I'll be even bothered to listen to my BB. Is there any way (free music player app perhaps?) that can improve sound quality? By the way I am usually using an ipod shuffle. I was expecting equal if not better (BB has sound equalizer) sound quality :/

Whenever I jack my earphones to my BB a voice command prompt will appear everytime, is there a setting to disable this?

My 3.5mm jack does not perfectly 'fit' into the BB, at first the sound will be terrible and a little twist would make it a little better (but still below average imo) and it seems that my jack isn't completely inside.

Thanks for your time! :)

aiharkness 02-11-2011 10:50 AM

Re: music player
It's an individual thing, I know, but I know I'm not tone deaf, either, and my BlackBerrys have been as good as my MP3 players.

I think you need to look first at your ear phones. Did you get a cheap stereo set with your BlackBerry that is designed for phones? If so, try those and compare. Or if not, borrow or buy a pair that is made for phones and compare.

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