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poolguy 05-06-2011 10:15 AM

Style won't recognize when it's in the holster
I'll try to keep this as brief as possible.

I've owned BBs since 2003, 5 already. They've been a great tool for helping me to run a business.

I had been overdue for my "free" upgrade (which actually cost $50 + a ridiculous amount of my time, as you're about to read) for several months, but I really liked my World Edition. Only issue was the convenience key died a long time ago and the trackball had the standard problems - but I was adept at cleaning/correcting it easily.

So I drive to the Sprint store (40 minutes each way for me), and get the new Style. Cool, now I have a camera too.

Because I work a combination of retail and on the road, I've LOVED the fact that ALL my previous BBs would recognize when they're in the holster. I could have a very faint ringtone while I'm talking to customers in my store, and the phone is in my holster. Then, when I hit the road, I could toss the BB on my passenger seat and crank up my radio. If the phone rang, I had a loud musical ringtone that allowed me to hear it.

So anyhow, my new Style has settings for having the ringtone off while in the holster and on while not. What sucks is that I can't set it to have 2 different ringtones, but I can live with that. If I could get it to just vibrate while in the holster, then "scream" at me when out of the holster, I'd be fine with that.

I set my new Style as needed, but it won't recognize it's in the holster. Now, I was originally using the heavy-duty holster I had bought for my World Edition. Perhaps the magenet wasn't in the right place, I thought. So, I go online and spend $30 on the official BB holster that Sprint sells for the Style. That holster arrives, same problem. I call the Sprint store. They explain it no longer even uses a magnetic switch - a light sensor is now used instead.

I dink around trying every possible setting for a good hour. Nothing works. I drive back to the Sprint store. They dink around with it. Nothing works. I find out there is already an update for my phone (this is after I've had it for 5 or 6 days). I wind up spending 2 hours in the store while they do the update. Same problem. Still won't recognize it's in the holster.

I go online and contact customer support. I get a response telling me to do everything I've already tried. They then tell me to exchange the phone.

I drive back to the Sprint store last night (on the 2-week anniversary of my new Style). Spend over an hour getting the new phone all set up (but no updates - I'm doing those now on one of the pc's at my store). Same crap. Still won't recognize when it's in my official BB Style holster. I ask the girl who waited on me what to do now. "I dunno", was all I got.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm really missing my World Edition now and thinking this Style was a huge mistake, though I like everything else about the Style so far. It didn't take me long to get used to it, though the battery charge doesn't last as long as any of my other BBs did - which I read someone else posted about here as well. I can live with that. Just make the darn thing be able to know when it's in the holster :?.

poolguy 05-06-2011 10:52 AM

Re: Style won't recognize when it's in the holster
Here is the message I sent to Sprint last night:

Well, I just left the sprint store with my second new blackberry style in 2 weeks.

Not only does this new phone still have the same issue of NOT recognizing when it's in my official sprint holster, I also get to spend an hour downloading the update on this phone during my "free" time tonight or tomorrow.

Keep in mind that the sprint store is a 40 minute drive each way for me, and I've now got 3 trips involved with trying to get my new blackberry to simply perform equally as well as my last five did.

Please tell me how you plan to resolve this issue.

Here is the response I just got from them:

Thank you for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your email regarding your customer experience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. You can swap your new phone for a different blackberry or completely different phone and pay the difference if any or you can call our Technical Support at (888) 211-4727 to resolve you situation. We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions. Please reply to this email or visit if we can be of assistance.

Here is my follow up (though I have little hope at this point - I think I'm done with BBs and Sprint, as well as the 11 phones my business uses):

I don't want a different phone. I just want a Style that recognizes when it's in the holster - like it was designed to do.

I now have over 10 hours of my time invested in my recent "free upgrade". How about getting my local Sprint store to get a Blackberry Style to work properly (recognize when it's in the holster) for them - BEFORE I drive to the store for a fourth time? Then, after they get one to work properly, they could notify me, and I'd make one final and PRODUCTIVE trip to the Sprint store. I think that's reasonable. Do you?

Respectfully, your BB dedicated and long time paying customer,

djdonnyk 05-10-2011 01:14 PM

Re: Style won't recognize when it's in the holster
I feel for you on all the time wasted. I bought the Style when it was released back in November, I didn't know that it wouldn't go into sleep mode either. When I found out the news I contacted Sprint and asked for a spare battery and a stand alone charger, this is how I solved the battery issue. I know it's a hassle swapping batteries but with the new software mine boots up in about 3 minutes.

Hope this helps for a resolution.

djdonnyk 06-01-2011 02:13 PM

Re: Style won't recognize when it's in the holster
Poolguy, what was your final resolution?
Posted via Mobile

poolguy 06-16-2011 12:34 PM

Re: Style won't recognize when it's in the holster
Well, my Style still doesn't recognize when it's in the holster, which I HATE, but I decided to keep it.

Frankly, with trying to run a pool business, finding the time to deal with phone BS like this just isn't easy this time of year, so I'm tolerating my Style for now.

Essentially, I have it set to ring and alert at all times as if it were in the holster - which means I miss a lot of calls and alerts while I'm driving. I've thought about just setting up 2 different profiles - 1 for when I'm working in my store and 1 for when I'm on the road, but frankly, as lazy as it may sound, I know I'll forget (or not want to bother with) changing profiles back and forth 2 or 3 or 7 times a day. I shouldn't HAVE to. This product SHOULD be able to perform the simple task of recognizing when it's in the darn holster.

To say I'm dissatisfied with BB's/Sprint's customer service on this one is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I know I could have gone to yet another Sprint for a 3rd try on another Style, but I'm beyond wasting more time on that. At this point, I'm gonna use the Style through the summer, then go shop for another cell provider and phone brand this fall - which means switching over my phone and about a dozen employees as well. After about 8 years of owning BBs, and really liking them up until now, I think I'm done with them.

Oh yeah, the lack of battery life on this Style kinda sucks as well. I'd say I'm getting about half or just a bit better than half the battery life as I did with the World Editions I had in the past. I do like the Style's lack of tradional trackball that would mess up at times, but this friction sensor (or whatever they call it) has its drawbacks as well.

Oh well, but thanks for your concern on this. You've demonstrated more concern for my nit-picky situation than either Sprint or BB has.

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