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MitchellBBPearl8230 09-10-2012 02:15 AM

Will theme from Pearl work on Style (of course, once converted)?
I was trying to come back to give feedback for the previous thread with this name ( but for some ridiculous reason, the thread has been closed ... never have run into that before in all the may forums I've belonged to over the years. Sometimes we need to come back to report issues we've run into over time ... huh.

Anyway, coming back to this issue ... I've finally been able to get around to installing all the software needed and to re-learn how to make themes. I set up a new theme for this time for the Style and then imported the Pearl theme into it. With mixed results ...

I ran into a problem with, again, how limited Blackberrys are. The Style is no exception. As the BB Pearl before it, RIM did an extremely poor job of things and placed limitations in so many ways. If it weren't for the fact that anything but a BlackBerry SmartPhone feels like a toy and not a proper business phone, I'd have dumped using BlackBerrys forever <sigh>. But I'm looking out for an alternative. In the meantime, I'm forced to keep with it for now.

The Style doesn't seem to support U- or L-Theme formats. We're stuck with the stupid trays. Might be good for some but due to the trays being invoked by the slightest touch on the Style, the tray sliding isn't stable, the trays are a pain. And having to flip through trays to get back to where you were is a further annoyance (Favorites isn't able to take all the things you use!). My brother's BB, which is either a Storm or Bold, is much better. You actually have to actually go an extra step to change trays, it doesn't happen automatically without your wanting it to.

Anyway, so all I can do is edit the main tray in the Style, it seems. So that's what I'll be forced to live with it looks like and can't get a nice U-theme with all the icons I need on the Home screen itself <sigh>. I'd planned to convert to that and then to tuck the Trays out of site,which can be done in Options. That I can't seem to have icons on the home screen is extremely unexpected and unwelcome! Though I could definitely import the old theme from my Pearl since it didn't take the icons on the home screen, it didn't take the placement of icons on the home screen in the U-formation (hence the term U-Theme). And I'm working on trying to change the icons around on the main ALL tray, but not having luck yet.

I'll report back, however.

dc/dc 09-11-2012 05:53 PM

Re: Will theme from Pearl work on Style (of course, once converted)?
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