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MoeTee 12-27-2009 01:44 AM

Why use Tetherberry?
when you can use Desktop Manager?

MoeTee 12-27-2009 02:03 AM


wcr3d 12-27-2009 02:11 AM

Wirelessly posted

You can't surf the web, read and create emails .. Etc. Tetherberry is used to turn your cell into a modem so you can get online with a laptop, for example. When you don't have any other way to do so.

MoeTee 12-27-2009 02:19 AM

so you can't do the same with Desktop manager? I can read emails and etc on DM...

MoeTee 12-27-2009 02:28 AM

Desktop manager and TB is the same thing... I dont get why you have to pay for TB?

MidnightDraven 12-27-2009 06:13 AM

The IP over moem feature of DM, does not always show up.
As DM connects to the internet, with your phone's carrier ID, and searches for OS updates etc; it also finds out whether you have the ability to use it.

I believe it disappears depending on what carrier your on, and whether they offer the ability to tether.
Thats why some people use tetherberry.

splnkr 12-27-2009 06:58 AM


Originally Posted by MidnightDraven (Post 1535617)
I believe it disappears depending on what carrier your on, and whether they offer the ability to tether.
Thats why some people use tetherberry.

Yes. See

twinglock40z 12-27-2009 07:40 AM

Wirelessly posted

Moe what carrier are you on?

estabulla 12-28-2009 12:25 PM

Tetherberry and DM with IP Modem feature are not the same thing and do not work the same way.

TB installs an Ethernet adapter and creates a virtual netwok connection (like a Wireless or GbE adapter). It also works by creating a tunnel of sorts - which then masks your data connection to the carrier. TB cannot run unless this tunnel is created - which is why you need to run the TB program on your BB and on your Desktop.

DM or ATT Communications manager both use the BB as a modem using the device that gets installed on a Com port when you install either of them. They actually use the carrier's APN (like ISP.CINGULAR) and therefore if you do not have a tethering plan, you could get charged by the carrier. This incidentally is the same if you are using Bluetooth tethering.

When you use TB, you do not see a "Modem mode enabled" line on your BB, whereas when you use DM or ATT Communications manager, it says "Modem mode enabled" i.e. the BB knows that it is being used as a modem. In fact on the Bold (9000), modem mode used to disable Blackberry service on the BB. On the 9700 it keeps the service active even in modem mode.

blackout626 01-11-2010 12:23 PM

I've never used TetherBerry (or Tether, as it's called now) but apparently, they put up a screen shot showing that tethering via their software nets download speeds that are 147% faster and upload speeds up to 294% faster than using the native IP modem (via DM).

I've always used DM to tether so I'm not sure if the claims are justified. But seeing as how it's on sale for $20, today, I might just give it a try.

estabulla 01-11-2010 08:48 PM

Personally that has not been my experience.

Kwammi 01-12-2010 07:49 PM

Here is how I understand TetherBerry

Tetherberry: it's a program that runs off your blackberry so it mimics a regular blackberry program and some carriers do not see this as tethering. That way you can avoid the annoying extra charges that come from tethering YMMV.

Regular connection (IP from DM): most carriers can charge for tethering and will mostlikely get dinged if you are doing it this way

Also if you live in Canada. A tetherberry connection will be seen (by websites) as an US connection so you can surf all the, pandora, HULU! all you want :D

NJBlackBerry 01-12-2010 07:52 PM

And Tetherberry was created long before Desktop Manager 5.01 added IP Modem availability.

xeroxide 01-12-2010 11:34 PM

also, i recently paid for it because of a few reasons. the DM version is larger in comparison (i can install a 1.5mb client on the pc and i'm set to connect), also the DM version kept giving me errors depending on which pc i was using... i couldn't get it to work with my laptop however tether works out of the box. my laptop kept turning it into a dialup modem... home pc works fine, except i don't really need it on that computer. gg

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