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fahey 11-25-2010 06:28 AM

BB Maps green lines after upgrade-Help needed
I have used the search and although there is a lot of info re Blackberry maps - no solutions to my specific problem.

Blackberry 9700 - Updated to Os.862 2 weeks ago (as blackberry bricked and had to do the reinstall that wipes all data)

On BES and BB Maps worked fine before upgrade and for a few days after but the maps only show a green screen with diagonal lines. I have the icon and can open the appliction and change all the settings plus it is showing my location but with no map in the background - location settings are working and can detect me exact location and google maps is working so no problem with viewing satellites. I also have the service book for maps. IT have confirmed that they havent restricted access to it and have resent the service books but still no joy.

Have downloaded maps again OTA from the BBery website and still nothing. Have refreshed GPS several times and done numerous battery pulls to no avail. I know most people prefer google maps but I have VQ Mileage tracker and that needs BB maps to work.

Any ideas anyone?

Calebrity 11-25-2010 11:11 AM

Re: BB Maps green lines after upgrade-Help needed
I don't know what would be causing your Green lines but have you entertained the Idea of Google maps Mobile? it is the same if not better and much better functionality and then find a different mileage tracker.

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