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Aiure 09-15-2011 01:10 PM

Not Receiving SMS & Calls
For the last couple of days, my phone was not receiving automatic updates. My apps would load, but not update. I wasnKt receiving emails, and I didn't receive any BBM messages either. And I possibly missed some SMS messages - except I was still getting SMS messages and calls from my husband (same carrier as me, but not the same phone).

I thought I fixed the problem last night by pulling the battery. My apps started updating again, I got emails, and the BBM messages I'd missed came through. But this morning, I came into work only to find out that my boss had called me twice, left a voicemail, AND texted me just before I left home to tell me I started later. I never got any of these. Not even a missed call notification or voicemail notification. I'm still getting BBM and SMS messages, emails, and automatic updates though.

This phone is unlocked, but I'm using it on the same carrier it originated from (Rogers). I've had it for three weeks and have had no problems with it until now. I also live in a city, so connectivity has never been an issue.
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Dubdub 09-15-2011 03:17 PM

Re: Not Receiving SMS & Calls
Have you resent service books? Re-registered via the host routing table?

You might need to call your carrier and have them do some troubleshooting and/or reprovisioning of the device. Sounds like the carrier might have dropped something from your account.

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