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roamer12 03-30-2012 04:55 AM

No email set-up option
Long story.

Bought a second hand blackberry from a refurb place back in December as a temporary stop-gap. I then didn't use it for a month. When my other blackberry developed a fault I reinstated the second hand one, when I connected it to my pc the desktop advised a software upgrade - which I agreed to.

The upgrade resulted in the white screen of death, to which I tried several fixes as suggested both here and other forums (wiping system, reinstalling etc etc). Did not work so took it back to the shop. They've had it for at least 4 weeks, said they tried a different screen as they were convinced it was that that had gone. Eventually it was sent off elsewhere and they put in a new screen, after which it worked ok again. So I gets it home and puts my SIM card in it. I haven't been able to set up email, at first when I went into the set up screen it had the icon there but it wouldn't respond when I clicked on it - I clicked and selected other icons in that menu fine so it's not the selector. I did a security wipe and started again, this time there is no email set up icon at all in the options menu.

Any ideas?

Just like to add that I transfer data from old devices onto the new ones, which usually is fine and results in the new account setting up just fine. Not so this time and I've tried without using the restore facility too.

Where has the email set up icon gone?Have I turned it off somehow?

Dubdub 03-30-2012 07:32 AM

Re: No email set-up option
Do you have a Blackberry data plan, also known as a bolt-on, active on your account?

If yes, then have you added the new device's IMEI and PIN to your carrier's BIS Site, resent service books, re-added via host routing table and performed a battery pull?

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