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nobody7290 09-29-2012 12:56 PM

browser stuck with OS5
Since 2 Weeks I experience problems when loading web pages with my 9700. I klick on a link/open a page.
"Loading" appears on the bottom, and, even if I wait for an hour (the blue bar will slowly fill until 100%), nothing will happen - not even an error message comes up. It is not related to the connection (3G/Wifi/EDGE), not related to the browser (MDS/WiFi/Internet), and not to the URL.
There will be nothing logged in the error log of the Blackberry.

The only cure is a battery pull. After this, it behaves well for one or two days.
I have not installed any new software or updates since 2 month.
The only thing i guess is, that I might visit more sites with large pictures or even video content. Also it seems, the more I actually use the browser, the more likely the problem will come up again.

I refuse to install OS6 on this 9700.

But i would like to ask if anyone knows about this problem with this version of the OS, and, if there is a different release, newer, or older, which does not have this kind of Bug.

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nobody7290 11-11-2012 12:39 PM

Re: browser stuck with OS5
I got a workaround for this.
in Appworld you can find a program called "Force Close". you cannot terminate an application, but an applicaiton is able to terminate itself.
This nifty programm attaches a "force close" menu to most applications.
Using this, i was able to force close the browser (it opens again of course afterwards). After restart, the browser works again - and I spare 9 minutes for a restart !

nobody7290 04-06-2013 09:02 AM

Re: browser stuck with OS5
i now can say with near 99.9% confidence, that this problem relates to some sites which make use of javascript (a technology wich to invent was IMO a wrong decision).

If I disable Javascript, this problem is gone.
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