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smitbret 09-29-2012 07:25 PM

GPS not working, WiFi is very weak.
I had to take my 9780 apart, to fix the non functioning left convenience button. Now, I get WiFi only if I am very near the router and no GPS function. aGPS works, but Blackberry Traffic is nearly useless and my location never populates. I assume they must work from the same antenna, but through all my searching I cannot locate where this antenna is.

I have had my 9780 apart three other times. The first time because I was dumb and wanted to change the entire housing. Went OK, but the housing was crap and I ended up putting the old one back on. After putting it back on, I noticed that my WiFi range/signal was greatly diminished so I took it apart and kind of poked around but didn't really see anything amiss and put it back together. Astonishingly, everything worked fine again.

The next time, I had to replace my LCD screen. Put it back together and noticed that the WiFi once again was poor. Took it apart, looked around again, semi-reassembled, no improvement, disassembled and then put back together and WiFi was back.

Now, no matter how many times I take it apart and put it back together, I cannot get my WiFi back the way it was and GPS is dead. I have checked, replaced and swapped out the external antenna in the battery compartment and also tried two different middle housings with the sticker antenna on the top and it makes no difference. My EDGE and 3G service is still as strong as ever and only flickered while I hot swapped the battery compartment antenna.

I have wiped the OS and started over.

Anyone run into this and been able to fix it? Does anyone know of a source for information that might help? Thanks.
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Dubdub 09-29-2012 07:53 PM

Re: GPS not working, WiFi is very weak.
Do you know what caused all of your problems? Did it get wet by any chance?

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