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RealGoneKid 09-17-2013 04:02 PM

Can I the remove "corporate stuff" from a 9790

I am about to leave my company and have a fairly new 9790. Its a big corporate organisation and they dont want the phone returned to stock so they have just given me a address to send it for recycling.

Instead I'd like to use it as my personal phone. If I use a vodafone SIM, same carrier as the coporate, it does not appear to need unlocking. However the biggest issue is they seem have to blocked both access to social media sites (though I think I can solve that with my own SIM) and I cannot confirgure personal email addresses - I only appear to have access the corporate enterprise activation screen under email set up. Is this what they call BES? I have tried setting up email addresses from the Blackberry web site, but when I input the BB PIN and IMIE I get error messages. I have tried restoring to factory settings but nothing changes.

Is it worth trying to unlock it in someway or does it sound like there is too much of a "corporate block" deep in the phone somewhere for me to be able to get around this.

Be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced similar. Sorry I am not that technical so please be gentle!

Thanks all.

aiharkness 09-17-2013 04:09 PM

Re: Can I the remove "corporate stuff" from a 9790
The concept you need to brief yourself on is IT Policy.


You may end up doing Method #4 but it won't hurt to try and talk to your IT people first.

rambo47 09-17-2013 10:31 PM

Re: Can I the remove "corporate stuff" from a 9790
You REALLY need to run all this by your IT staff. Messing with the rules is often grounds for immediate dismissal. Even though they are planning to donate/recycle the old devices, taking one for yourself can still be seen as stealing. Get permission. Protect yourself.

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