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netPOSER 08-23-2010 12:20 PM

Some OS 6 Screen and Folder info
I posted a thread about my BIS mail icons showing up on my "Media" screen and then called RIM about the problem.

While talking to the tech at RIM I learned a few things about the new OS. Some of you might already know this but for those of you that don't this should help understand how the new OS "organizes" things.

You navigate the screen by swiping your finger either left or right or you can use the trackpad to highlight screen title and move left or right. Unlike the iPhone you can go all the way around without having to go back to the first screen.

The Media screen is the the same as the Media folder. So what's in your Media folder is also on your Media screen. You can move icons within the Media screen but can't move them to another screen/folder from the screen. You can only do this by going to the "All" screen and opening the Media folder. From there you can move icons to different folders.

The Downloads screen doesn't act like the Downloads folder in earlier OS's. This screen is really full of shortcuts of all apps you have downloaded. There's no way of knowing they are copies or shortcuts and there's no way of knowing where the "real" icon lives. This screen was designed to help users find their recently downloaded apps. You can clear this screen by selecting any icon on the screen then select "Clear Downloads". This does not delete any apps from your device.

Some obvious screens:

The Favorites screen is for apps you marked as a Favorite. Menu > Mark as Favorite or press the icon for a few seconds then Mark as favorite.

The Frequent screen is for your most frequently opened apps. That's all I can tell and I'm not sure yet if there will always be 12 icons using the FIFO method.

I could not find any mention of this in the user guide and even the tech at RIM had to put me on hold quite a few times to figure all of this out.

From the device there's not a way to change the names of the screens nor create or delete screens. Maybe in the future RIM will allow us to do this.

MrKyoo 08-23-2010 09:32 PM

Thanks for the info.

bdizzlefizzle 09-15-2010 09:06 AM

Any way to make Favorites the default tab (rather than All) when on the home screen?

netPOSER 09-15-2010 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by bdizzlefizzle (Post 1655055)
Any way to make Favorites the default tab (rather than All) when on the home screen?

Not at this time.

This is something RIM is going to have to fix.

They should let you customize the screens. Make them just like folders where you can add/remove/customize and re-order them.

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