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gliebisch 10-17-2010 12:13 PM

9800 Applications access to data network
I've noticed in playing with the many applications bundled with my 9800 Torch that some, such as Pandora will access the Internet through the 3G network. But others, such as Blackberry Podcasts prompted me to supply it with a network connection. Fortunately, I was able to then give it my home wireless network to access the Podcasts (which I guess is good because then it didn't use up any data allowance). But what determines whether any particular application is going to prompt you for network connection or just go ahead and use the 3G network? Does it vary from one application to the next? The Podcast application didn't seem to want to do anything until I satisfied it's prompt with the home wireless network.

aiharkness 10-17-2010 03:37 PM

Depends--or rather varies. The blackberry podcasts app is helping you out by recognizing that you may be downloading a significant amount of data, as well as putting significant power demands on the device. Thus it gives you the options to choose to only use wifi, only download when charging, etc., and apparently has you make the choices when you first run the app.

Many apps nowadays will provide a default setting where the app automatically chooses the connection (BIS, TCP/IP, WiFi . . . ), as well as the capability to select one particular connection (say TCP/IP, if you needed to do so).

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