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aznTrance 10-24-2010 04:57 PM

in need of some help, app error 603
hey guys,

it could just be me, but i'm not finding much information on this problem. the best i got was out of this thread.

on a restart, i get a white screen with the text "App Error 603" with an option to reset the device. however, on the reset, it does very little except go back to said screen. here's what i've noticed:

- only happens on reboots after software install/upgrade
- new install of kik messenger triggered this event
- upgrade of windows live messenger triggered this event
- most recent upgrade of blackberry app world triggered this event

i've used BBSAK to wipe the device and reinstall the official rogers firmware at LEAST 5 times this week and its starting to really frustrate me (although i'm using this as an opportunity to try out 284).

i'd like to know if there's anything specific causing this error so that i can avoid it for future reference. quite frankly, i can't be spending this much time fixing my phone on a weekly basis.

any kind of help is much appreciated.

thanks in advance guys!

Ken-T 11-15-2010 09:15 AM

Re: in need of some help, app error 603
Same issue here, surprised no thread on this....there is some information via Crackberry site you might want to check out, going there now...

Dubdub 11-15-2010 09:58 AM

Re: in need of some help, app error 603
Are you using a 9800 or a 9000 as in your profile?

If a 9800, try wiping with Jl_cmdr and then installing .337.

hansdg 11-23-2010 05:30 AM

Re: in need of some help, app error 603

I now this problem. I had this problem after day one.

These are the solutions.

To transfer all data from your old bold to your new torch only use this way.
Connect your bb to desktopmanager 6.0
There will open a option switch device.
The desktopmanager will backup all your data. There will be askt connect your new bb to the desktopmanager. Connect torch. Don't install third party apps..... very important.

If you have a gmail adres ore live adres that is synchronize your contacts with your email account make sure there is now error.
If you configure your email adres true

Make sure there is there no error (red marks).
This can also make a error app 603.

make sure you not install apps that are not compatible with 6.0

Most important is you start from day one the right way to place your data from old bb to new bb on the right way.

If you have to reinstall your bb don't wipe but use this way.

Pull out battery
connect bb to computer.
Start loader.exe (C:program files/common Files/research in Motion/apploader/loader.exe

choose language and applications that you want install.
When there is coming on the screen "Waiting for device" put in battery.

It will start loading a fresh installation on bb.

Than load all data on bb as i explaind. Very important.

Blackberry Doctor

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