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IlliniAmy 11-29-2010 11:54 AM

Phantom folders & pictures
Ok, so I'm a new Torch owner. The first time I plugged my phone into my computer, I naively ok'd a sync.

I later realized that ALL of my music & picture files on my hard drive had been transferred to my Torch. I didn't want that (over 14,000 pictures alone). I stupidly went to the Blackberry directory on my computer and deleted them. Unfortunately, my Blackberry directory still has a couple of Phantom picture folders set up and over 13,000 phantom pictures in my main picture directory. Plus, a bunch of phantom music.

If I go to one of the empty placeholders and attempt to delete it, I get a message that it's read-only, do I truly want to delete it. I click yes, but nothing happens.

Can anyone help?

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