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bongapk 11-23-2011 12:33 AM

Serious Outlook Sync Problem...
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Dear Friends!

I was earlier using BB 8120 pearl. I got service plan from my service provider for E-mails only. I used to synchronize it with Outlook for official emails and it worked very well.

Now I'm using BB 9800 Torch. Service plan is the same but when I connect it through BB Desk Manager, it does not synchronize Outlook E-mails. I can receive or send mails from my mobile but I need to update both my device and pc. The message that appears is attached with.

I need help regarding this matter.

Dubdub 11-23-2011 08:50 AM

Re: Serious Outlook Sync Problem...
If you are using BIS, email does not sync. Never has. Perhaps you had the account set up as IMAP and are now using POP?

Plus, once email is downloaded tot he PC client, i.e. Outlook, all bets are off since the BB and RIM interact with your mail server, not the PC client.

There are some ISPs which have agreements with RIM, i.e. gmail, and yahoo, but not all.

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