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ratatapa 04-17-2012 05:41 PM

PRoblem with Default user for calendar
Hi, first please forgive my bad english i'll try to explain the best as i can

I work in iT but i know nothing about Blackberry and I don't know the OS version of the 9800 Torch but i assume it's the latest one.

Ok Customer of I use his Blackberry Torch 9800 like it's his soul. He uses it to synchronize to Outlook 2007 on Windows XP SP3 with the latest version of Desktop Manager.

He uses it to synch Bidi his Calendar and his Contacts mostly.
On his black he has 2 email accounts (for calendar and for emails) let's call them
aaa at xxx dot com
aaa at bbb dot com

aaa at xxx dot is also on his office 2007 so when he adds new contacts or new calendar he synch it appears on the other device np.

Ok now the problem.

2 weeks ago he dropped his phone and it chipped a little part of it. Since then he has a lot of problem, he lost data and he needs to reboot his phone 2-3 times per day.

So he will change his phone but he still needed me to fix his contacts and calendar since he won't get an ew phone for 2 weeks due to his lolcontract.

So i found a Feb15 Backup for his Black and restored that backup. And then i exported his calendar and contact outlook in case.

According to his info i synched One way Contacts (black) to Contact (Outlook) and then Calendar (outlook) to calendar (black) which went fine.

After setting the stuff to bidi the contacts works AOK. The problem lies with the Calendar.

IF he creates en entry to Outlook and sync it will be sent to BlackBerry
But if he creates an Entry to the black it will not sync to Office.
If he modify an entry that came from office to his black it will synch back to office.

When i checked his calendar on his black i saw something new.

Purple was linked to his xxx at bbb dot com
Green was linked to xxx at aaa dot com
and Blue was Linked to Device Default (that was never there before)

When we check the Data synched from Outlook it appears Blue on his Black (device default) But if I create new data on his black i can only choose aaa at xxx dot com(green) or aaa at bbb dot com(purple) Which is why i cannot send data from black to outlook.

Stuff i checked.

His Default account on CICA(or something ilke that in terminal advance options and then service accounts) is listed to aaa at xxx dot com

I tried a code i found on the web that said go to Calendar then click menu and then options and type move, to move the email to the main account which worked. But each new data from outlook went back to Blue aka Device Default.

Then from the Device Manager, i erased everything that was calendar and resynch from Outlook to Blackberry, same problem.

He also told me he format his Black twice.

What do i do now -,-.

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