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jpro 06-05-2012 11:23 AM

Blackberry 9860 on Tmobile

I purchased a 9860 on ebay. It does not look like an ATT phone. But i cant get 3g in Houston Texas. After doing some reading in these forums i learned that it has to support bands 1,4,8. My phone says bands 1,2,5,6. I asked the company i bought it from if they had the correct phone. Of course they told me this phone should work in the USA.

Does Blackberry make a model that supports these bands and that supports tmobile 3G in the USA?

If not is it likely the upgrades that tmobile is currently doing for Iphone compatibility also make this phone 3g compatible?

Sorry for so many questions

thanks is advance for any advise

dc/dc 06-05-2012 12:12 PM

Re: Blackberry 9860 on Tmobile
Possibly, but it will be a while. I would return it. The device you needed was a 9860 originally sold for Wind Mobile in Canada. If unlocked, it would support T-Mobile 3G. Expansys used to sell it, but I don't see it anymore.

jpro 06-05-2012 02:15 PM

Re: Blackberry 9860 on Tmobile
you think there is anyway Blackberry may exchange it for a fee?

Shipping it back to hong kong doesnt excite me. The phone is actually really fast and 95% of the time when i am using it for data i am on wifi so i may just end up keeping it

dc/dc 06-05-2012 02:33 PM

Re: Blackberry 9860 on Tmobile
No, BlackBerry will not do anything for you directly.

If it's working ok for you then don't worry about it.

knottyrope 06-05-2012 03:34 PM

Re: Blackberry 9860 on Tmobile
if on wifi most of the time it might not be an issue until you are in a no wifi zone, I know several people that have used AT&T ( or similar bands) devices on T mobile and eventually they want 3g for those times in need

your call on if you need it that bad and your payin for that data anyways so make good use of it

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