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shelbylefort 07-06-2012 11:51 AM

Please help
I have a 13 month old 9800 torch, it has had an otter box case since i got it, no water damage, its been updated but for some reason the past 2 months or so it has been acting home screen gets all scrambled and sometimes inverts itself so everything is backwards....often i have to take my battery out just to get the screen back to normal....recently the screen just goes black when i lock and unlock it...up until yesterday it has always come back on....unfortunately my service provider has no clue and bb has no gotten back to me....has anyone else had this problem????

jsconyers 07-06-2012 01:02 PM

Re: Please help
The screen getting "scrambled" sounds like the device has been exposed to moisture or dropped. The rebooting could be due to a battery. Have you tried a different battery?

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