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99gst_racer 07-10-2012 08:04 PM

Mixed order of SMS and odd dates. Weird.
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I gave my mom my 9810 when I switched to my 9900 and she's had issues with SMS since day one. I've done everything I could to fix it, but I'm falling short. I took screen pics since she doesn't have a screenshot app.

Issue #1: The date. Some of her converations are showing up as Dec 2044, while the rest have the correct date. The time and date on the device is correct.

Issue #2: In some conversations, it compiles her messages at the top, and the received ones at the bottom, instead of putting them in chronological order. As with the date issue, this only happens with some contacts, not all. In the pic I attached, the order should have been "Me, Dale, Me, Dale, Me" and the entire conversation was from 8:12 to 8:24 PM, not 12:11 am. This makes no sense to me...

Any advice would be greatly appreiated. The OS is v7.0.0.261.

aiharkness 07-11-2012 07:48 AM

Re: Mixed order of SMS and odd dates. Weird.
See what others say. Sounds to me like a network issue so far as the time and date issue. Have you asked your carrier about it?

Not sure about the second issue. I'm wondering if it will sort out once issue #1 is solved. But again, see what others say. Talk to your carrier if you haven't already.
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99gst_racer 07-12-2012 09:47 AM

Re: Mixed order of SMS and odd dates. Weird.
I did ask my carrier and they are clueless.

I doubt it's a network issue though being that the device worked great for me while I used it. Also, my 9900 works great for me and both devices are on the same account.

I'll try updating the OS tonight.

aiharkness 07-12-2012 10:00 AM

Re: Mixed order of SMS and odd dates. Weird.
That's actually all the more reason to think it is not the device. You are an experienced BlackBerry user. You didn't have any trouble with the device. Now the only thing really different is it is on another user's line. Plus, time and date stamp is controlled at the network level and not on the device, from what I understand.

All I can say is I have seen issues raised on a carrier support forum where someone is having a weird issue that no one else is having, the user does everything possible on his end, customer service says there is nothing wrong on their end, but one of the carrier reps on the forum takes a personal interest and escalates the issue to a level where people know how to troubleshoot it on the carrier side, and it turns out to be a technical issue that ends up getting corrected on the carrier's end.

For those reasons I say it sounds like a carrier issue with that line. If I'm right, your real problem is how to get the carrier to see it that way and escalate your complaint to folks who will troubleshoot it.
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