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obi1 07-27-2012 12:59 AM

Upgrading issue
So, first of all, hi to all i'm moving here from the bb9700 section.
I bought a new bb9860, brand new, from Germany, I guess.however, i've tried to upgrade to the latest OS, the one with .523 at the end, but it won't let me.In aplication loader, after connecting to the device, it's saying something like "cannot connect to device since you don't have the device software from your carier. Please contact you carier or wireless operator". I've tried to instal both with App loader, also with BB desktop manager, none of them worked.The only OS I was able to install was the latest OS from a carier from Germany. I've done all the steps:
1.Checked on the device with MEPD to see if it's locked on a specific carier.All good, all disabled
2.Wiped all with BBBoss
3.Instaled on my PC the latest OS, deleted the vendor.xtml file (only one, as I used on my BB9700, i donno if there are more
4.I've removed using BBBoss all useless app from my phone
5.I've started App Loader - he finds the device, they asking me the password - and I've get the same response, as I metioned before.

However, i've managed to install German software, but they don't have the latest OS
The latest OS is from a carier from Asia, as I determined.
I couldn't find an aswer so far, so help me guys.If you need aditional info, post me.
Thanks in advance,

aiharkness 07-27-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Upgrading issue
See your other thread.

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