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FlipD9 09-24-2012 02:38 AM

Update for Facebook was notified within app..?
I was checking in for lunch and Facebook notified me of an update. This is the first it has notified me and usually it's App World that does it. So, I opened up the notification and press Update. Waited for a few minutes with nothing going on. I got paranoid, turned off all connection and pulled the battery.

Once it finished restarting, I uninstalled Facebook and reinstalled it back again. After a few minutes going through the set up, I did notice that the icons on the menu were new. However, when I tried to see the update notification all off my messages were gone. Messing around with it, I determined all my messages were hidden somehow. So I pulled the batter again and when the phone finished restarting, all my messages were back.

At that point, I was just worried if my phone got a virus or something and turned off all connection again. When I got home, I changed all my passwords that were linked to my phone and I'm debating if I should wipe the phone to make sure. So now I'm here writing to see what you guys think. Any inputs are really appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


BIBA 09-25-2012 02:57 AM

Re: Update for Facebook was notified within app..?
This happened to me. I also pulled the battery but nothing changed. Then a few days later App World notified me of an upgrade and I now am on v. which is quite good.

I have no reason to think I've been 'hacked' but if I was . . . . how would I know?

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