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MrMrMr 11-16-2012 06:25 PM

Which to get 9810 vs 9860 vs 9380
My daughter wants to upgrade from her current 9300 and wants a bigger screen and touch screen/and or keys.

These are the choice (I'm in UK) 9860, 9810 or 9380. She's keep going between the full touch, to the touch with keys 9810.

Can someone help with the choice who had a similar situation. I tell her that he 9810 looks bulky with the slide, the 9860 and 9380 to me are the same apart from the size of the touchscreen, 3.7" to 3.2" Does this matter much? Is typing still easy on the smaller 3.2" touchscreen?

Hope you can help I have to order soon for her birthday on middle of Dec.

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Dubdub 11-16-2012 08:54 PM

Re: Which to get 9810 vs 9860 vs 9380
She should go to a store where they sell the phones and "play" with each one to see which she likes best. What someone else likes might not fit her needs.

MrMrMr 11-16-2012 09:15 PM

Re: Which to get 9810 vs 9860 vs 9380
trouble is can't find them all in stores, have seen a 9810, but can't find a 9380 anywhere. They only seem to be online.

She says she likes a keyboard, but I think the 9810 will be too big and bulky, especially coming from a 9300. Personally I'd condor the 9380, but not sure the 3.2" full touch is big enough for typing?
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spaniard_best 11-17-2012 06:19 AM

Re: Which to get 9810 vs 9860 vs 9380

I get hands on Blackberry 9380, but it has a really small screen. Is smaller than a Blackberry 9500 even. I don't recommend you 9380, because typing is verry difficult on that screen. I have a 9860 with a larger screen, and still I have some problems on typing. In the past I had a 9500 storm, but that had a clickable screen so when I was typing first I sow what letter i am with the finger, and then rapidly press it, and that work great , but on the new devices it is quite diffiicult. i don't have my fingers big. I had in the past an Iphone 4 and typing was perfect on it, that on screen keybord was just perfect, i sell it for other reasons and return to Blackberry again.
If she like touchscreen I think you might consider 9900 or 9790 it has touchscreen and keyboard. The 9860 is still another option, but what I can tell you is that 9860 is perfect for persons witch like to see pictures...use GPS , Videos and browsing on the internet. I also had a 9300 and that phone I use it with BB data plan to text on bbm, sms, tweeter, and other application that you use for typing a lot, and that phone is verry verry god on that. If your daughter use to type on Blackberry messenger, and other instant messenger, you should chose a phone withkeyboard and touchscreen (9900 or 9790) :smile:

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