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cftice 01-13-2013 12:38 PM

Blackberry 10
I have a Torch 9810. Will I have to buy a new BB in order to run 10? Also, are my contacts stored on the SD card? Whenever I sync, my individual (not company) contacts multiply many, many times, i.e., I will have a contact and that contact is repeated up to 50 times. I was told that I have to delete each extra contact separately, but if the contact info is stored on the SD card, couldn't I just insert a new card and then sync?

Motorcycle Mama 01-13-2013 12:48 PM

Re: Blackberry 10
1. Yes, you will have to get a new BlackBerry in order to run BB10.
2. No. They are stored in the device memory.
3. If you are truly syncing from a single source (not from multiple sources), then the contacts will be synced and not duplicated. If you sync from multiple sources, you likely will get duplicates.
4. Again, no. They are not stored on the SD card.

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