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raztah 05-30-2013 05:35 AM

Bb 9860 In Turmoil
Good day. Im new here. Ive been thinking about what went wrong for 2 days now. Thats why I registered here to see more suggestions.

4 days ago. My phone, suddenly restarted but then boot eventually. with an error message saying internal memory error or something then asked to be repaired? I clicked OK. same thing happened after hours. the next day, it freezes many times so I have to do QUICKPULL but when booted, there were still hefty amount of RAM bfore and after rebooting. So i thought what seemed to cause the freezing. 2 days ago. It did restart again. this time.. it was stuck 80% just between the 2 R's.....

For half a day I waited for it to finish. I removed the battery half a day. and replugged the battery. same thing.,

so I googled for ways.. some says updating.. so i updated.. Ive used leaked OS.. even downgraded.same thing.

Then I stumbled upon posts about bricked/nuked BB. So I used the method of using BBSAK, erasing vendor.xml and using the LOADER.exe. at first I was successful of getting the phone to ERROR 507.. since thats the target of installing a fresh OS on the phone. I used the LOADER.exe.. but doesnt seem to work. So I returned on the BDS and clicked update-repair.. the process went smoothly erase-installed... but then I am stucked at "RECONNECTING WITH THE DEVICE" part. ive waited hours and hours..unable to connect to the device, reconnect again so i did. but same thing happened.... its been 5 days now.. and im losing hope?

I tried repeating the wipe method using BBSAK.. but...when it says data wiped.. the phone restarts but then i am not getting any ERROR 507 anymore.., it stuck at around 70% just under the letter "E". and the phone disconnects from my PC. PLS HELP?

raztah 05-30-2013 05:57 AM

Re: Bb 9860 In Turmoil
I wasnt able to use LOADER.EXE to load the OS... But this day.. I updated the phone again using the DMS.. and I interrupted its process. So it went on to black screen and the red LED was flashing. When I used LOADER.EXE again, I was able to go through the installation process. But then again, the installation was finished.. When it booted.. it still stuck 70% or right under between the E and R..

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