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GarinHatch 05-30-2013 09:30 AM

Screen does not display after blacking out the first time
This happened in between text messages. I blacked the screen with the top left button, and it never powered back. I performed a battery pull and the screen displayed just fine. The phone worked fine. After the screen dims and blacks out (either from idling or the top left button), the screen does not return. While the screen is black and not displaying, the phone continues to function. It receives calls fine, but the screen is entirely black.

So I wiped the OS and installed the newest OS from the stickies. The issue still occurs though I can now see the screen power on (illuminated black), but still does not display anything.

I wouldn't think this were a hardware issue as the screen functions perfectly as long as I never let the OS stop sending video signal.

Any thoughts or suggestions on potential fixes?

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