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vrdave 09-09-2011 01:24 PM

Bold 9900 - Issues with Search Contacts
Fatal Flaw in BB Universal Search: Does not search notes in contacts - Bold 9900 OS7

I just took delivery of my beautiful new Blackberry Bold 9900 from T-Mobile. It is a great phone but it was a real pain to migrate my data from my old Curve 8900 - went up two tiers with Blackberry support.

That got solved but now the real disappointment is (like many others who have shared on this issue) that the Blackberry Universal Search that was released as part of the OS6 and the new OS7 does not include many datasets in its search. In contacts, it seems to only search the name fields.

Like many others, I have extensive notes and tags in the notes section of my BB contacts and without being able to search them, I'm kind of dead in the water. This is a positively bone-headed move by Blackberry, no doubt driven by the desire to speed up search.

I tried downloading the Google mobile search app and that also does include the notes section of contacts in its search though some of its documentation implies that it does.

Other psts refer to the 'Old Search - Old School Search,' app from QuiteSimple which mimics the search we all depend on from OS5, but that product does not show up in the BB App store if you're registered with a phone with OS7.

I emailed QuiteSimple today and got a prompt response:

>>Dear Vrdave,

We are working on the OS7.0 support. It will be ready probably at the end of September (2011).

Best regards,

QuiteSimple Support<<

If anyone has figured out a successful work-around, please let me know

Message to Blackberry: Put this mission critical feature back into search as part of your next update or risk losing customers at an even faster rate. I'm on the edge...

NJBlackBerry 09-09-2011 01:41 PM

Re: Bold 9900 - Issues with Search Contacts
[email address]

Preroll 09-09-2011 10:22 PM

Re: Bold 9900 - Issues with Search Contacts
Let's not forget that I can't search for text within memos anymore either like I could in my 8330. Why would things like this change? Anyway, I may use that suggestion email myself. Thanks!

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