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ebruder 11-06-2011 10:34 PM

AT&T 9900 Compatibility with earlier apps
I picked up an AT&T 9900 today (first the store sold), and I am VERY pleased with it. The AT&T interactive tutorial is a little too basic, but it beats nothing. The phone really has some very nice features, and I will have just a brief learning curve.

There were/are some compatibility issues when using "change device" from a Bold 9000. AT&T Navigator, a must have for me, did not display properly, so a delete of the program and grabbing the app from BB World took care of that, and it works perfectly. The interface is different; probably slightly improved. The old version of DocsToGo doesn't work, but a compatible version is included. I'll have to figure out which one is good so I can delete the old one.

A neat little app called CarFinder is acting up, so that probably needs a delete and reinstall.

I think everything else transferred perfectly including my bookmarks on the browser. Special ring tones, auto on/off and a few other settings did as well.

I really like BlackBerry Protect, which goes a bit beyond Apple's similar locator/locking functionality, which I have on my iPad2, by backing up key data in the cloud (if you want).

Nice phone.


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