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Paratrooper 12-22-2011 10:15 AM

Some Calendar entries from BB9900 do not Sync in Outlook
I updated my Desktop Software with Version 7.0 Bundle 2395 and have problems syncing ALL my Calendar entries from my BB9900 to my Outlook 2007.

I have three accounts with appointments in my device: 2 e-mail account and 1 called "BBM Group". Unfortunately, most of my appointments are in BBM Group and they do not sync with Outlook.

I am aware that the e-mail accounts are the ones that will sync (one at the time) with Outlook. However, I am not able to move my appointments from the BBM Account to any of my e-mail accounts. Both CICAL and CMIME are under the main e-mail account as the default.

I already tried typing "move", under Options, to move all my appointments from BBM Group into my default e-mail account. Although I get a confirmation, nothing moves.

Can anyone help me sync all my appointments in the device with Outlook Calendar?


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