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666arc 05-03-2012 12:31 AM

Email account issues

I have a BB9900 and am having issues getting a personal domain email account to work correctly on my device.

Its on a BES plan and corp email works fine, on a previuos device my personal email (added as internet mail account) also worked fine.

I've then done two things. 1) moved domain provider from 123reg to and 2) put latest OS on device.

The email is added but it either doesnt receive all emails, doesnt send any emails and I dont get the notification to the internat mail icon only to the messages icon.

Have tried deleting service books and re-sending for one com mail, deleting mail account and re-adding, etc etc

One thing i tried last night was to add a new mail account using same domain and this works fine so I'm thinking that andyatdomain com account is somehow, somewhere still linked to an old device. Have tried logging into to see if device PIN is on there but it just tells me I need to configure the settings on my device (when ive entered pin and imei).

Its not connected to BES as adding new email account works fine. Device wipe doesnt resolve either.

Any ideas how I can see if there is a link between PIN and my andyatdomain com email ???

Or any other suggestions ?


Dubdub 05-03-2012 10:27 AM

Re: Email account issues
Maybe it is blocked by the IT Policy? Talk to the BES Admin before you go deleting and adding.

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