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rudysan 06-04-2012 01:37 PM

Combine Contact List
I have on my 9900 3 diferent phone contact lists. Is there any way to combine in just one list. The total copntacts is 550, but when I sync with the desktop manager it only does it with 88. Any help will be appreciated

aiharkness 06-04-2012 06:03 PM

Re: Combine Contact List
See if this provides the solution for you...

KB19704-Multiple Desktop or Unknown contact list databases on the BlackBerry smartphone prevent synchronization of all contacts

csubi 10-14-2012 04:39 AM

Re: Combine Contact List
Back up phone then disconnect from DM

Go to OPTIONS-->DEVICE-->ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS-->DEFAULT SERVICES-->CONTACT LIST (SYNC). Here select the email addy you want to be your Default. Hit "back" button and "save". (The default list is the email addy that you WANT your contacts to be in.)

Now go back to the home screen. Go to CONTACTS-->BB Button-->OPTIONS-->CONTACT DISPLAY AND ACTIONS. Here you have to select "Allow Duplicate Names" Hit the "back" button and "save" (We will come back here later)

Download a free app on your phone called "Advance OS and LED" from App World.

Open it. At the top go to "Applications Integration" and select it.

Scroll down to "Contacts Manager" and select it

Scroll down to Lists "(View & Move & Delete)" and select "Show"

Here I would select the "re-analyze" button.

Then down where it says "Select Contact List" Select the email you want to merge with the default. (Select the email addy you want to move contacts FROM)

Then below that, where it says "Select Action" Select "Move To Default List"
(We selected the Default List in the first step)

Now select "Run Command" (If you read and follwed the directions, it will merge your 2 lists into 1.

Now go back to the home screen. Go to CONTACTS-->BB Button-->OPTIONS-->CONTACT DISPLAY AND ACTIONS. Here you have to *UNSELECT* "Allow Duplicate Names" Hit the "back" button and "save"
(This will save future issues).
On this screen you will see "Contact Lists" with email addys below it. Click of whatever addy you made default. Should tell you how many contacts at linked to it. Should be all of them. I also Selected "Wireless Synchronization" I think this allows it to sync with my email.

Go back then select the other email. Should be 0 contacts linked to it.

Your contacts are now merged.

Now you can go to your email setup. Find the default email addy and edit the Synchronization for contacts if you want to. Also you can edit the other email to not Synchronize with contacts.

I also erased my other email(SYNC) from service books as good measure. If you dont know what that means then disregard this part.

****On a totally different note, while I was figuring all this out, I tried to reload my contacts from DM a few times. Only to find my Address Book to be read only!! The issue was in CONTACTS-->BB Button-->OPTIONS-->"Select Default Email Addy" Here you have to UNSELECT "Wireless Synchronization"

Hope this helps. If its all good, back up your phone again ha ha ha

Good Hunting!

rambo47 10-14-2012 09:38 AM

Re: Combine Contact List
And make sure you don't have a filter set on your contacts list. If you do it will only show a partial number of your total contacts.

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