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Michaelis 10-28-2012 12:28 AM

Upgrading OS 7.0 question
Hello Blackberry users!
I'm a new guy here...just have my 9900 for a month or two.

I have some question to ask to you about OS 7.0 to latest version OS..
1. How to backup my data, contact, and installed application so when I finished upgrading the OS, I don't need to re-download them, especially paid version apps...?

2. What is the advantage of upgrading the OS? Anything special? (I heard from some friends...upgrading OS would cause lag and we'll need to restart the phone everyday)

3. Does Blackberry release OS continually like 7.1 bundle x, 7.1 bundle y, then 7.2 bundle ... till OS 7.9? Or just 7.1 then skip to OS 8.0 ? (I hope you understand this last question...I don't get any idea for using the right english for this...:smile:)

Thanks for your time to read and answer my questions...:smile:

ZombieBerry 10-28-2012 01:29 PM

Re: Upgrading OS 7.0 question

1 - KB12487-How to back up BlackBerry smartphone data using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Windows

2 - There are many advantages to upgrading your software. Better power management, bug fixes, etc.

3 - While RIM (maker of BlackBerry) releases all OS versions, they generally release them to the carrier directly (testing, quality control, etc...) and they do release them in numerical order, the current OS that most newer BBs use are You should also take note to download and install the OS for your device (they are device specific). If you have a 9900, then make sure you download the OS version for your device.

Michaelis 10-29-2012 09:04 AM

Re: Upgrading OS 7.0 question
Thanks a lot for your answer, sir!
I've done the update, and it's satisfy..I feel the phone became faster to load or something.

But, I wonder why my BB screen name changed by itself, and when I was going to use my old name, the screen name has been used...
At the very first time I have Michaelis for my screen name.
After update, it changed became Michaelis-93578
But when I try to change it back to Michaelis, the screen name has been used.

Dubdub 10-29-2012 09:35 AM

Re: Upgrading OS 7.0 question
In my humble opinion, if your device works as you want and need it to work, it is not broken and therefore doesn't need to be fixed with an OS upgrade.

Since you have already done it, my point is moot.

What do you mean by "screen name" Where are you trying to use it?

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