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btaylor1 03-24-2013 03:11 PM

kenwood/garmi bluetooth pairing issue
hi. i have an at&t blackberry bold 9900 with latest at&t okayed operationg system, 7.1 Bundle 2435 )v7.1.0.862, Platform

in my 2008 toyota corolla, i have a kenwood/garmin DNX6190HD car stero etc. head unit. the bluetooth pairing is flawless and my blackberry speakerphone function works perfectly immediately after starting car and radio powering up

in my 2000 ford mustang, i recently replaced a stolen stereo head unit with a newer kenwood DNX890HD. i couldn't pair my bold 9900 with the newer kenwood's bluetooth at all until i took an over air update to the operating system shown in first paragraph above. after thus updating the bold 9900's operating system, i got some functionality, which has now sorted out to this consistent (and somewhat irritating) pattern. when i start the mustang (and kenwood powers up), the bluetooth will successfully connect, and then i'll get a message that the connection failed, and then i'll see a black screen on the bold 9900 with what look like two computers talking to each other. this cycle repeats one or two more times and then finally i get a good bluetooth connection indicated on the bold 9900 and can make speakerphone calls

the irritating things about this include 2 to 3 minutes after starting up without ability to use the bold 9900 through the bluetooth system with the car stero speakers. also, i've noticed the new kenwood sometimes seems challenged (eg, changing channels, volume, etc.) while the succeed/fail bluetooth stuff is sorting out over several minutes each start cycle.

sorry this went kind of long. i've done some searching but failed finding any fix, and my (i think very capable) car electronics guy can't think what the problem could be if it's not a bold 9900 OS update issue. (his i-phone pairs immediately and perfectly with my new kenwood...)

anyone have any ideas for a direction i might go? the old mustang has sentimental value (and is fun to drive), the new kenwood is part of some otherwise nice audio equipment, and so i'd really like to figure out this new bluetooth pairing issue and resolve if it's possible! thx

btaylor1 03-27-2013 03:08 PM

Re: kenwood/garmi bluetooth pairing issue
[here's what i got back from kenwood today. not sure if it adds anything but i'll check with stereo guy to see what he thinks (i'd probably need his help going through the steps anyway]

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Thank you for contacting Kenwood USA Corporation. We value you as a Kenwood customer and appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

I understand you are experiencing Bluetooth difficulties with the DNX890HD. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Kindly follow these instructions exactly otherwise the phone will not pair.

1. Delete the pairing from the radio and from the phone. (Refer to page 75 in the Instruction Manual)

2. Reset the radio and wait for the initial setup page. DO NOT SELECT FINISH YET.

3. Under the initial setup go to OEM SETUP and then OEM BLUETOOTH should be set to OFF not ON.

4. Once the changes are done, select finish on initial setup.

5. Go to BT SETUP and make sure that the SEARCH button is not greyed out. IF it is then start at step 2 again by resetting and making the setting change in initial setup.

6. If SEARCH is avaialble. On the cell phone turn bluetooth ON and make it DISCOVERABLE.

7. For older phones make sure the customer knows the PIN CODE that was set on the radio. On newer phones like iphone 5 and galaxy S3 and Note the unit and phone will create their own 6 digit random pin. That is normal so pin code set is not needed.

8. Hit SEARCH on the radio and wait for it to find the phone.

9. Depending on the phone, they will get message to approve the pair or to enter the code and after all messages are done it should pair without problem.

btaylor1 04-02-2013 06:03 AM

Re: kenwood/garmi bluetooth pairing issue
HOORAY. an IT friend and former collegue sacrificed some time yesterday, looked at the kenwood suggestions, unpaired and repaired, maybe killed a service or two, and while i couldn't keep up with exactly how he did it, after he was done my blackberry bold 9900 now connects pretty quickly every time i fire up the mustang and the new kenwood. no more connect-disconnect-several-times scenario!

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