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Megazell 09-08-2014 10:14 AM

New to Blackberry 9900

I just got this phone as a gift. As of right now, I have no carrier but I am just trying to use it with Wifi.

Desktops and laptops that I run are all using Linux Mint 17 - KDE - 64 Bit, FYI.

I got Twitter, Opera-Mini and regular Internet usage working on it. Removed stuff I did not need or want to use. But I am new to this system and would like some help or guidance.

Google Talk - Does not connect. It stays at the connecting window with the animated and does not progress

The default browser - I am unable to remove the bookmarks it came preinstalled with - CNN, ESPN and the like. I made it so that it starts with the home page of my choice - but I would like to remove them.

I have some books in PDF and .epub format I would like to have on me. I got one of them PDFs to open with the Docs to Go but the rest do not open. I also downloaded some ebook readers - YPub and Ebook Reader but they hang on opening any of the books - even the pure text based books. What is a easy to use book reader on here.

Last - I would like to dl some games without ads or f2p nonsense attached.
Awhile back at an NYU LAN tournament I met some Ludumdare devs that were showcasing their games on multiple systems they were playing freeware games on their blackberry phones (not sure if it was Touch 9900). Is there a guide on uploading games of these nature?

tsac 09-08-2014 08:17 PM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900
Generally Apps require downloading from Appworld so without a carrier that may be a problem. Some of the issues your seeing are also a restriction on use because you do not have a data plan.

Bottom line is without a Blackberry data plan your using a smart notepad with limited internet capability.

99black 10-11-2014 04:36 PM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900

similar problems and more!
in general, the most important apps are not working, or not there

i could not get BBM at all, the same connecting window with no progress!

all GPS apps do not connect

PDF reader is not there

other available apps are full with annoying adds

i ended up with a nice phone with internet connection with basic functions only, google search and email, but not much more !

again, the important apps are not there


Q 10 on the other hand is working perfect
all above apps are there, working great!

and both phones are on the same plan with the same service provider!

one phone is working great, the other is not!

Conclusion: a problem that Blackberry has to handle and fix not us


aiharkness 10-11-2014 07:14 PM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900
99black, the 9900 requires data service specific to the BBOS models; the BB10 models do not. That is the problem.

99black 10-11-2014 11:35 PM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900
Hi aiharkness

thank you for the information above, but i informed the service provider when i got the phone that it is BB 9900 Bold !
anyway, not sure exactly what is BBOS models
and what is the data service required?

thanks again

aiharkness 10-12-2014 06:28 AM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900
BBOS is the legacy OS, versions 7 and before. BB10 is the current OS on the Z10, Q10, etc.

As I say, the old OS requires a BlackBerry data plan. For you it would be BIS. The BB10 models do not require a BlackBerry data plan. If you have BIS on your line you will have BlackBerry data services with the BBOS model. The BB10 model may work fine with BIS, even though it won't use it, but there is a chance there will be problems. Some people had problems and turned out they had BIS, and the problems went away when BIS was changed to regular data plan.

Your carrier may not have put BIS on your line, or there may have been some glitch. The first thing to do is consult with your carrier and find out. Have them push service books. You will need to have your 9900 turned on, with the SIM installed, and you need to have a good signal.

Again, I don't know what problems you may encounter with using a BBOS and BB10 model on the same line, if that is what you are doing. See what others say on that. You may just have to find out.

Good luck.

tsac 10-12-2014 11:27 AM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900
As aiharkness said the 9900 requires a BIS data connection. You indicate the service is for a Q10 and works ok. The carrier does not implement a specific data plan that required the BIS connection for the secure type plan offered on the BIS and BES data connections. Switching from the Q10 to the 9900 on the same line/plan does not work because the carrier routes the data via the server equipment based on the phone. They also may filter some services as you found trying to switch.
BIS offered data compression and other features not available on the non-BIS service. Most Carriers no longer offer unlimited data plans so using a non compression service is to their advantage. You use more for the same message. Some carriers still offer BIS service on the BB10 OS models but I doubt any will allow the switching of the two type phones without calling or notifying them.

99black 10-15-2014 06:17 PM

Re: New to Blackberry 9900
Thank you aiharkness

Thank you tsac

for all the above help and valuable information

From 9900 to Q 10

9900 is a great phone, but really Q 10 is superior


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