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JWR1221 11-02-2007 11:31 AM

App Loader / OS Reinstall / BES question?
Hi All! Newbie here that just got an 8100 for work using BES...

Long story short, here's what went down: I installed the DM software and connected up and tried to use App Loader to "uninstall" the pre-loaded sample video to conserve storage space. It did uninstall the video, but apparently uninstalled a bunch of other files too... When I reboot the BB, it comes up with an error but is able to proceed. The voice and e-mail still work, but I'm missing both browers from my main menu and I can't open any media files.

I've alerted our local IT dept, but BB's are all handled by our corporate location so they're waiting on them...

In the meantime, I've downloaded OS (8100c on AT&T) and DM My OS is currently on the BB and I'm using XPSP2 on the PC.

If I update my OS via my PC, will I lose my BES connection? If so, can I just re-authorize under Option/Advanced/BES Authorization? Is there an easier way to "undo" what App loader did?

No matter what, I'll get IT's approval before I do anything more, but I'd like to stay in their good graces by making it as painless as possible for them!

Thanks for the advice!


JWR1221 11-02-2007 11:48 AM

Quick follow-up
I saw in another thread in the 8100 area about resending the service books...

I tried to log in to the AT&T provider page and it told me that "my account is not accessible via HTML" and that I needed to use my device to access blackberry internet service.

But I no longer have the icon for the browser...

John Clark 11-02-2007 12:35 PM

It sounds like you will need to reinstall the OS. Yes, you will lose your connection to the BES. If you Desktop Manager is setup properly and you have an online connection to your email server (LAN, VPN, etc.) then Activation will start automatically. If it doesn't start then you can call your BES IT's and have them set up an OTA activation password. Once they give you a password you simply go to Options >Advanced Options >Enterprise Activation and enter your email address and the password they give you. Just tell them you need an Activation Password. They'll know.

JWR1221 11-02-2007 02:05 PM

Good news... I called AT&T to ask them about re-sending the service books and they ended up having me install the new OS. Except the critical part was that I selected to automatically create a backup in the process.

Installin the new OS replaced the "junk" that I lost and the backup restored my BES connection.

End result - all fixed without any intervention needed from IT!


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