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surly 11-16-2007 04:20 PM

Insufficient network coverage and "Roaming"
Hola folks

I have a data connectivity problem that I hope someone may help with

I am a US VZ customer with the unlimited data and Canada plans who currently resides in Canada (Greater Toronto area) so I am roaming on the Telus network who has a partnership with VZ

Making and receiveing calls works fine
Signal strength is fine (-80dbm)

Mobile network settings are:
Data services: on
Mobile Network: Roaming
Network Sel Mode: Automatic
Network Mode: Global (was 1xEV but VZ said to change it)

If I go to the browser I get the "There is insufficient network coverage " message.

I know there is coverage becasue I have been in the Telus store picking up another phone and an employee had an 8800 and had connectivity. She was a Telus customer though.
The consensus was that I should have the data coverage and she said in the States she had the data coverage.
So far I have spent hours on the phone with VZ and Telus and generally the conversations end with "Talk to the other guy"

Yes I already tried removing the battery :-(

I would love to hear from someone who is using VZ data in Canada (they say ti should work and direct push wokred on my last phone) or anyone that has suggestions on something to try

Thanks folks

surly 11-16-2007 04:58 PM

Additiona information
My wife has the same phone, Same provider, cant browse, blah blah blah

Upon going to the browser on her phone I get "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Server Book Entries"

Her phone says Extended network not roaming like mine

When I go to advanced options she only has one service book entry:
Verizon Wireless (WAP)
I am betting that we need to dial *228 to fix that which we cant do off their network

I have a bunch of service book entries yet I am roaming



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