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abcdjzmcbt 11-16-2007 09:10 PM

blackberry curve radio?
hi i was wondering if i can get radio stations on my blackberry curve 8320. my girlfriend has the nokia n80 and i love her radio player, but since the curve does not come with preloaded radio player, is there a way to add that feature?

and btw i just recently got the curve (i love it) but i heard a lot of things about updating software. what does it update and where can i do it? thanks.

JSanders 11-16-2007 09:51 PM

abc, if your 8320 is working fine, there is no need to upgrade the OS. The only reason would be if the newer OS has a feature you desire.

Look over in our Aftermarket Software section for the mediaPlayer by Dollars5, and another I for the name of of that have FM radio options.

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