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SchmutzBerry 06-26-2005 08:58 PM

Help Please - Blackberry Stuck in Endless Loop
If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.
I installed a French-English dictionary on my blackberry 7290 tonight, and it put it in an endless reboot loop.
I don't even seem to be able to connect and erase all data and reload.
Any way out of this.
I've reset, taken the battery out for a few minutes, invoked magic incantations, but nothing.
I'm off to Paris tomorrow, possibly blackberry less!

Mark Rejhon 06-26-2005 09:22 PM

If you can use javaloader, try deleting the offending software (English-French).

If the BlackBerry reboots right away, one after the other, you may find this difficult. Try testing javaloader and seeing if you can "see" the BlackBerry. For javaloader info, do a search on 'javaloader'. Need at least some rudimentary knowledge of a DOS-like command prompt.

Try "javaloader -usb dir" ... repeat the command over and over (you can recall a command at the XP shell via hitting cursor up and hitting Enter again) while the BlackBerry is booting. You might be able to get the listing of files, and then be able to delete the offending files before the BlackBerry reboots itself. The window of time may be annoyingly short (a few seconds), but might end up being enough to execute one command at a time per reboot. May have to keep trying the command repeatedly. Depending on the size of window and how long it takes to reboot, it may take a lot of time to accomplish your objective.

You can also try "javaloader -usb wipe" if you don't mind setting up your BlackBerry from scratch again, though you will have to set it up on the BES server all over again. (If your admins are using BES 4, this may be done wirelessly). This command is likely to kill the reboots the quickest, and it may be less frustrating to simply set it up from scratch again.

There may be no quick solution, so you may have to set your BlackBerry aside.

SchmutzBerry 06-26-2005 10:47 PM

thanks mark.
this berry is so ... it won't even let me open the port for javaloader. i 'm going to have to take it back to the store tomorrow. thanks for the advice.

Rancor 06-26-2005 10:55 PM

Disconnect Blackberry from computer and remove Battery
Open Application Loader => Next until you get to Connection Settings
Ignore the com port selection prompt
[next bit is a trick involving timing]
Connect Blackberry to cable and insert battery
Click Next (as soon as you see the option on screen)
Enter password if prompted and continue through Application Loader.

This can be used for many JVM errors and other problems that cause the Blackberry to not connect to the Desktop for application loading.

Mark Rejhon 06-26-2005 11:11 PM

Good tip. Give that one a try.

SchmutzBerry 06-27-2005 09:02 AM

thanks guys for your attempts.
i seem to keep getting an unable to open port in the command prompt. the application loader seems to start to work, but then quits.

SchmutzBerry 06-27-2005 11:12 AM

thank you Mark and Rancor!!
it did work! the missing step, for anyone facing this in the future, was to install the upgrade (which was already installed.) this seemed to flag the application loader to reload the whole os.
now i can have my berry on vacation.
I would also advise people to stay away from =PocketDict English-French until this problem has been corrected. I have contacted handango and the makers of this program.

roofus 06-28-2005 08:25 AM

The French have always been problematic:smile:

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