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yustonuser 06-27-2005 08:58 AM

Quick help - No meeting requests coming to BB
Tried a search, but couldn't find anything. Using a 7100G, BES and was able to get all meeting requests sent to me on my BB until last week it stopped. I continue to log-on to outlook on my PC and see requests for me that never came to my BB. I synced with my desktop and it is correctly set to wireless sync. Any ideas?

grendyll 06-27-2005 02:08 PM

First, are you still receiving emails? If not, you may be connected to the wrong network. Do you see GPRS or GSM in the upper-right-hand corner?

If you are still receiving email, it could be that your Intellisync profile is tweaked a little. You can rebuild the profile by deleting the Intellisync folder from c:\Documents and Settings\[User ID]\Application Data\Research in Motion\Blackberry.

Once deleted, synchronize your device as you normally do. This will rebuild the Intellisync folder, as well as the conduits to Outlook that it's using.

Should this not work, the next step would be to rebuild your Outlook profile, but if everything else is synchronizing successfully, this is probably unnecessary.

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