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martin808 01-03-2008 07:53 AM

BB Pearl 8120 calendar display problem

i am relativly new to BB but have been using an 8100 for a few months until last week when i was upgraded to a 8120 on Orange (UK). I have 3 email addresses on the BB and on the 8120 have 3 calendars as well as the 'desktop' to which to make appointments etc (all settings that i migrated from the 8100 using the blackberry desktop manager backup-restore feature); however the BB theme 'BB Dimension Today' and 'Orange Today' fails to show any appointments that are not saved under desktop calendar i.e. save an appointment under the Tiscali calendar and it will not display on the home page.

Is there any way of combining these multiple calendars to allow them to be shown on the home screen as this was not a problem on the 8100.

Your help is appreciated.


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