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aloksood 01-14-2008 05:05 AM

Automatic email address pick up

I have a Nokia E 90 with black berry service installed on it. I have a peculiar problem, initially i had configured a pop3 email id on it to send and receive my mails ..While composing an email all i had to do was type in part name of the receipient as stored in the phone book and the email adddress would get automatically picked up and mail would go.

From the time i have installed black berry service for sending/receiving my mails, this automatic pickup of the email address is not happening. When i see the message details it shows only the name and no email address, strangel though it shows the mail in the sent box...I have to manully go and select the contacts. If the mail has to be sent to 4-5 people i have to go thru the procedure of selecting addrss that many times.

I would look like to know how can i activate this automatic mail address pick up on the e90 using black berry service. or alternatively selct multiple contacts at the same time.


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