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Mikki Barker 02-02-2008 07:08 PM

Help - How to stop outgoing mail from gmail going to my BB???
:-( I've only had my BB a few days so if this is one of those Newbie questions please forgive me. I searched FAQ's and old posts for an answer before I posted with no luck - - - I travel a lot and my job is driven by email so a BB was a must have however I'm being inundated by my own email. I get an email telling me I sent an email, I get all the email I send out on my laptop sent to my BB.

I'm sitting here working and my BB is vibrating like a rabbit beside me :? ... I'm a neat freak and don't like a lot of clutter in my inbox and this is driving me crazy. How can I just get legit incoming mail?

I've changed the email settings to message confirmation "NO".

My carrier is altell and my email is through gmail - any help will be greatly appreciated!;-)

John Clark 02-02-2008 07:13 PM

Welcome to the forums!

Mikki Barker 02-03-2008 07:54 AM

:cry: Ok - if I can't get any help here where can I get some help?

NJBlackBerry 02-03-2008 08:01 AM

You were given the answer. Did the thread John Clark directed you to not work for you? The title is "Prevent G-mail "Sent Items" from being sent to your handheld". A search, of course, would have found that also.

This has been asked hundreds of times.

Mikki Barker 02-03-2008 04:47 PM

Yes - I found that thread before I posted....
and I tried logging in from my laptop. After entering my PIN and ESN to set up a new account I got a message stating the account wasn't accessible from my PC to access it from my device. I logged into www.altell/ from my device and found myself back into the options/general properties/settings that I've been in and out of a hundred times trying to figure this out on my own. I never was able to get to the Windows interface your instructions referred to.

I thought perhaps Cingular was different then Altell as the example the thread showed was Cingular. That's why I stated my carrier in the original thread.

I also logged into my account at, searched account maintenance looking for something similar with no luck.


John Clark 02-03-2008 04:55 PM

follow the instructions here:

BlackBerry Search Results

Then you can log in via your PC.

Mikki Barker 02-03-2008 05:19 PM

Sorry I bothered you.
I read through all the replies on the before mentioned thread and nothing applied to my carrier. I did gather something about "SERVICE". I'll contact Altell customer support.

Thanks for trying - I'll figure something out. Since this has been asked a hundred times............................................. ........... :?

John Clark 02-03-2008 05:21 PM

The fix for adding a filter for those sent messages applies to ALL carriers. That thread DOES apply to you. If you get a message when logging on via your pc that you can't access via HTML browser then the second link applies to you too.

If you aren't interested in our suggestions or asking for more help then good luck. I hope you solve your problem.

Mikki Barker 02-03-2008 05:39 PM

Thanks for your patients...
I was very interested, just didn't understand and didn't want to be a pain in the butt.

The second link did the trick. I am now logged into BIS.

Thanks Again!

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