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bersbers 02-14-2008 02:39 PM

Tether the Pearl to PC to surf ... THE OTHER WAY!
Hi all,

I hope you can help me - google can't. What I want to do is sync my Pearl's calendar with the google calendar and download some applications from web. No problem, you will say, there's Google Sync for Blackberry. But I don't have a data plan, and if I should be able to have one, I pay around 15 euros (~20$) per MB. Thats way too much for me.
So I've had the idea to connect my Pearl to my PC with the USB cable and *use the PCs internet connection to download data from the internet to my Pearl*. It's totally the other way round, most people try to use the Pearls as there laptops mobile modem. But it should be possible in theory, right? Do you know any software, driver, emulator or anything that could help me in getting there?

I'm glad about any help!

John Clark 02-14-2008 02:41 PM

Someone else will have to help with syncing your Google Calendar with the BB with no data plan. Can you get the google calendar into Outlook? Then you could sync the BB with Outlook. No data plan makes everything tough, though.

No, you can't tether that way, sorry.

monkeypaw 02-14-2008 02:58 PM

There was another thread where someone posted a link to a program that will sync Google Calendar to Outlook. It was actually a thread with a different topic so I can't seem to find it again.

But a Google search for Google calendar Outlook sync gives a bunch of results. Some pretty technical and free. But here's one of many commercial programs. I believe there are free versions as well:

Share Outlook Calendar Free, Google Calendar Sync, Pocket Outlook Google Sync - SyncMyCal

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