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qdoc 02-20-2008 12:49 PM

Newbie - questions re-typing and sms
Really basic stuff here - embarassing really - but I am having two minor issuers with my 8703e device:

1) How do you correct text that you have typed without erasing the whole thing and starting over again? I can't seem to find a way of moving through text to make small corrections ie. backspace works, but it erases - how do you just move to the one letter or word you wish to correct?

2) I have had my device for three months. Every time I receive an e-mail or text message I simply pull the blackberry out of my holster and the message is there - ready to read! That is, up until this weekend - now I have to go to the messages icon, open messages and then manually open the message - very time consuming. Can't seem to find any way of correcting this and no I haven't been fiddling with the settings!

thanks for the help -


penguin3107 02-20-2008 12:53 PM

1. Hold down the ALT key and roll the trackwheel.

2. The message only auto-opens when you unholster the device shortly after the message arrives. (Within the first 15-20 seconds I believe.) This behavior cannot be changed.

qdoc 02-20-2008 01:21 PM

Thanks - very helpful.


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