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BlackBerry Geek! 07-19-2005 12:58 PM

RE: Browser Configuration
I was hoping someone can help me with my browser config. Here's the problem I've been having, the web pages for some reason look compressed and the pictures are choppy. So is this normal for the 7100 series or is my browser not correctly set? Here's my current config.

Home page address:

Content Mode: WML & HTML

Show images: On WML & HTML Pages

Show Image Placeholders: No

Emulation Mode: BlackBerry

Support HTML Tables: "checked"

Use Foreground and Background Images: "checked"

Use Background Images: "checked"

Support Embedded Media (Flash SVG): "checked"

Support javascript: "checked"

Allow JavaScript popups: "Unchecked"

Support Style Sheets: "checked"

Style sheets media type: Handheld

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