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LAB 07-20-2005 08:06 AM

Question about voicemail notification
Our company recently began using BB's. I do not have voice plan on mine, but some of my user's do. One user who has a 7290 model has asked how will she know she has a new voicemail? Does a message pop up on the general BB screen that she has a new voicemail?

salsa 07-20-2005 08:50 AM

There is no popup on the screen that indicates you have voicemail. You have to regularly check voice mail like you normally would. You can setup a voice mail number to dial in the phone options but that's about it.

jwaters 07-20-2005 09:19 AM

There is a small icon that appears on the 7520 screen. I also get an audible alert.

Girion 07-20-2005 11:15 AM

On the 7290 (depending on your carrier) you'll see two things:

one, the little yellow telephone icon above the signal strength meter will indicate a missed call (as will your call log history) and there will also be a small icon that displays in the upper right corner of the screen that looks like an old "reel to reel" tape (two small circles connected by a straight line) that will indicate you have a new message waiting.

You 'might' get a calendar like even that says "New Voicemail Waiting" but sometimes I don't seem to get mine. Hope that helps

LeggNet 07-20-2005 06:34 PM

Not a great photo, but here's what I get with T-Mobile:

Cheers, Rich

LeggNet 07-20-2005 06:37 PM

and a blown up version to see the 'wee little' icons:

hth... Rich

jrz4shore 07-20-2005 09:40 PM

My 7250 on Verizon shows "Missed Call" (with the caller's number if it's not blocked) in the Messages display, and a separate message marked "Voice Mail" that I can open when I have any VM messages. The opened VM message shows if it's marked Urgent, etc. and also allows me to "Call Voicemail" as an option when you click the trackwheel while inside the VM message.

This may be carrier-specific. The feature is very helpful when you need to ignore calls for any reason, or when the phone's set on understanding is most of the 7xxx series BBs work this way so perhaps T-Mo has a similar setup. Good luck with your BB rollout!

Dawg 07-21-2005 06:07 AM

i get a pop up aswell on my 7520 then it shows a small icon left of the time.

takeshi 07-21-2005 08:02 AM

In T-Mobile markets that have not been converted to the new voicemail system, you actually get a text message indicating that you have voicemail as well as who it was that called.

It all depends on your carrier and market.

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