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boweevel 07-22-2005 12:26 PM

Nextel Direct Connect - PTT Timeout Question
This was a previous post..
Has anyone came up with anything on this

"Does anyone know if the timeout on the direct connect - PTT can be changed? The 7520 returns to the previous screen after a DC has finished far too fast, whether it be the home screen or messages, etc. You have to navigate back to the phone screen or address book and look up the contact to start the DC again. Annoying!

jasonwinn 07-22-2005 03:21 PM

I agree, very annoying. I would love to know a fix for this.

rcrivera03 07-22-2005 03:28 PM

I recently asked this at my local Nextel store from a rep that actually owns a BB, he advised that there is no way to change the timeout, and that this is apparantly done for security. (Makes sense, sort of)

Since then I have noticed that if my BB is locked and I receive a DC call, the timeout is shorter than if the BB was unlocked. My wife and my son have noticed this.

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