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nealmcdonald 08-04-2005 03:56 PM

Import Phone numbers
Hello All,

I am having a very difficult time with my 7250. I was able to borrow a dongle for my old phone, an LG something, and exported my phone book onto my PC. It was in a .PBook file format. But I also saved it as a CSV format. I can't figure out how to import my 100+ telephone numbers into the BB. At this point I have spent more than enough hours researching that I could have done it manually, so please help.

Is there a best application that I can type all my phone numbers into on my desktop pc that is easy to import into the BB? Is there an easy way to maybe take the .TXT or Excel file of my numbers that I have and import it into the BB?

If I must, I will type all the numbers into MS Word or something but I need to import them into the blackberry.

Please help. I'm extremely frustrated.


VR6 08-04-2005 05:42 PM

try to get them into a format that will import into Outlook...then you can just import into Outlook and then sync to your Berry

Dawg 08-04-2005 05:47 PM

you can import that file into outlook very easly

WNO 08-04-2005 08:37 PM

Their suggestion is the best: port the data to Outlook or Outlook Express, then sync it to your BB. If for some reason you don't have either of these two programs (I'm sure you have Outlook Express), you can do an ASCII import through Intellisync. But with the complexity of field mapping, etc, you're probably better off doing it through Outlook/Outlook Express, so you do any corrections on your computer. In any event, the following is from the Intellisync help file:


To transfer data between your handheld and computer, import and export it as ASCII data. For example, you can export your Address Book as an ASCII text file, then import the text file into your spreadsheet program on your desktop.

Field names on the handheld become column titles when they are exported into text files. Similarly, when you import a text file to your handheld, include the field names at the top of the file. For example:

"Last Name","First Name","Company Name", "",

"Goldsmith","Tanya","Research In Motion Limited", "",

Note: The ASCII Importer/Exporter does not support recurring appointments or meetings. Recurring appointments appear as individual appointments in the exported text file.

1. Connect your handheld to your computer.

2. Open the desktop manager.

3. Double-click the Intellisync icon.

4. Click Configure PIM.

5. Click an application.

6. Click Choose.

7. In the Available Translators list, select ASCII Importer/Exporter.

8. Click Options.

9. In the Field Identification section, select or type a character to separate fields.

Note: When you export data, the characters that you select are inserted into the text file. When you import data, these characters are used to import the data to your handheld properly. Quotation marks separated by commas represent blank fields.

10. Select Single quotation marks, Double quotation marks, or None to mark the start and end of a field.

11. Click OK.

12. Select one of the following options:

To import records from the computer to the handheld, select the Import option.

To export records from the handheld to the computer, select the Export option.

To synchronize application data between the handheld and the computer, select the Synchronize option.

13. Type the file or folder name of the location where the data is stored, or click Browse to locate the file or folder.

Note: If you export data from more than one application to the same text file, the data from the second application replaces the data from the first application. If you export data from more than one application, you should import to more than one file, and assign a unique name to each file.

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