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Patberry77 05-28-2008 04:28 AM

PIN is disappear when edit contact via Notes client.
I added a contact with BlackBerry PIN into my Address Book by using Notes client. But when I open this contact on BlackBerry I can't see the PIN field.

If I lookup a contact and add to my Address Book by using BlackBerry.
(this record created by BlackBerry server)
I can see his PIN field and I can mail or sms by PIN.

So I open my Address Book with notes client, I copied the record, created by BlackBerry server, and pasted it to my Address Book.
Now I have 2 duplicated records : one is created by BlackBerry Server, another on is createdy by me.

I open these 2 records on BlackBerry.
I can see PIN field in the record created by BlackBerry Server but I can't see PIN field in the record created by me.

What's going on ? these 2 records are exactly the same.
How can I create a PIN field and can see and use it on BlackBerry ?

Any idea would be appreciated.

dualsub2006 05-28-2008 06:32 AM

What version of Notes are you using? My wife had similar sync issues when her company was on Notes 6 or 6.5. Her issues cleared up when they moved her to 7 I think it was. Her company (16,000+ NA users) switched to Lookout and Exchange. Sync with their Blackberries and Palmie devices was one of the reasons why.

I've only used Notes once in my life and that was enough to convince me never to use it again so I am afraid the only help I can provide is that it might be your version of Notes.

Patberry77 05-29-2008 03:34 AM

Thanks Duals...
We have Domino server is 7.0.1.
I am using Notes client 7.0.1. ,my boss is using Notes client 8.0.1 and he has the same problem.

Seem like modifying a contact record in Address book via notes hides a PIN field from BlackBerry view.

Is it a template problem ? or authorization problem ?
Anybody...please help

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