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ce8585 07-09-2008 08:55 PM

Can I have multiple address folders - home and work?
Today I made the switch. I've been a die-hard Palm user and gave up my Treo for a Blackberry Curve with Sprint. I'm connected to my corporate BES and now have all my WORK contacts, calendar, e-mails, etc on the device.

Here is what I'd like to do...
I would like to wirelessly sync with my BES - done!
I would also like to sync via USB with my HOME outlook. Specifically I would like to have my home contacts, home calendar, and home memos (notes) sync with the Blackberry. BUT I don't want all my home information "mixed" in one address book. I want separate address books!

Is there any way to have a "work" address book and a "home" address book that are synced via different methods on the same device?

I was able to do this effortlessly using Chapura's Key Suite software for Palm. I had several different address folders, notes folders, etc and I could easily switch between them.

I'm open to third-party software if anyone knows of a program that will allow multiple address books to be synced via different methods. THANKS

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