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LSainsbury 07-10-2008 10:59 AM

Swapping device
Hi all,

Newbie here so sorry if I ask dumb questions!

Tomorrow I'm going to a site where I need to replace a Blackberry with another model Blackberry

They have BES server and I can access it, etc but I just need to know the basic steps to swap over the unit and get it sending / receiving mail from an Exchange server....

Any help would be great 'cus I have no idea! :cry: :shock:

LSainsbury 07-11-2008 03:35 AM

Hi - just to update - the device is a Blackberry 8707v on Vodafone UK...

I've run the setup wizard, chosen the BES option and it's currently trying to activate...but it's been sat there activating for about 10 mins...

penguin3107 07-11-2008 05:29 AM

You need to go into BlackBerry Manager on the BES and set a new Enterprise Activation password for the user.
Then you need to do an Enterprise Activation on the handheld.

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